Decorate for Hanukkah with a Mini Tinsel Dreidel! With plenty of shimmering blue tinsel, this decora..
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Make your tables look fancy at your next event with Silver Woven Vinyl Placemats! These silver woven..
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Celebrate Passover this year by serving your favorite kosher sweets on Joyous Holiday Passover Desse..
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It's all in the details! Lighting your Menorah candles begins with the strike of a match. These beau..
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Frame delicious desserts and appetizers on metallic trays. These rectangular paper platters are meta..
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Set the foundation for a lovely table setting. This Royal Blue Fabric Tablecloth is blue to compleme..
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A party essential, Royal Blue Latex Balloons inflate to 12 inches in diameter. Filled with helium, t..
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Anchor your party balloons with a frilly topped Blue Foil Balloon Weight, which grounds up to 10 lat..
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Give your guests a premium dining experience! This Royal Blue Premium Plastic Cutlery Set has plasti..
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Add decorative shine to the table at your Hanukkah celebrations with metallic cutlery holders! The c..
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Chag Sameach! Our Traditional Menorah, with intricate designs on each branch and a Star of David, is..
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Get festive down to your accessories with this Pink Rhinestone Menorah Keychain! The rhinestone-stud..
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